Friday, March 27, 2009

Fair Notice

"An important change in how organ and tissue donation decisions are registered in Ontario.

Now, when you register or renew your health card at a ServiceOntario Office, you will be advised that only a “YES” to organ and tissue donation is being collected and stored in the OHIP database."

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mustercd said...

"Presumed Consent" is a misnoma. It doesn't reflect in the slightest what one has said on one's medical card or driver's license.

Presumed consent is based on one's demographic. This means what race you belong to and whether your religion is fervent, lukewarm or token. Your skin colour, language, sense of humour, values, degree of politeness and level of passivity are used by the hospital to make a best guess about your attitude towards organ donation. They can't ask you outright when you first walk in. You'd definitely say no in that case...

When someone comes into a neurology or emergency ward with a head injury, doctors, nurses and other hospital staff will do a lot of presuming about them. The patient has a head injury and this means ORGANS for transplant.

Now, it is tasteless and illegal for a hospital to ask, suggest or openly verbalize the option to commit suicide by means of organ harvesting (remember the process is done on a person while they are still alive, and the procedure will kill them). So it is done in stages and very well concealed. Tastefulness works very well on the donor-type.

Presumption that the family member in question will say YES to donation is the first step in the stealthy act to get at a brain injured person's organs and rid them from society at the same time. The medical profession is not keen to look after brain injured droolers. Doctors find this type of work unsexy and dowdy for their image. There are few miracles to report in this field. Rehab also costs a lot.

If a family is white and college-educated and has some form of Christian faith adherence (this is usually presumed by hospital staff if the patient's family don't call themselves something else) then the patient will be presumed an organ donor and be prepared for the official yes at the end.

Another group presumed by hospitals to wish to donate organs are those who are passionately or "extremely" Catholic. This group is attracted by the fundamental urge to sacrifice their lives to save others, as they themselves presume Jesus did.

If the presumed family is an exception to the norm and says no when finally asked, then the patient is killed anyway because he is too damaged to save. The hospital then brings in some crafty risk management tactics like altering medical records. Look for entries in the margins, neatly written, or pages added as "late entries."

The reason for the presumption is that organs have to be prepared in advance for removal. Waiting until the prognosis is poor and the bad news is given, is too late. This is for show anyway.

If organs aren't kept in good shape, they don't stand a good chance of surviving in recipient's body. And there goes the industry...

These preparatory procedures, very often given while a patient is still sitting up in his bed (!) and none the wiser, harm the patient and are the very opposite to what he should be getting to save his life. At this time, doctors and nurses will tell the family very little about what is going on. They talk a lot however, when the issue of donation comes up.

Clearly, when something is this criminal and cruel, it has to be hidden. Presumptions by definition are unspoken making them the perfect way for hospitals to avoid having to answer for their actions or writing them down in medical notes.

If you are in the group presumed to say yes to donation because you are culturally and religiously prone to be "merciful" and want others to be impressed at your superiority, then ask yourself some very serious questions.

First of all, know that you will be seen as a YESP as soon as you or your injured relative enters a hospital. A YESP is a white, anglo-saxon, protestant who loves to look merciful, refined and environmentally conscious. He jumps at the chance to donate organs in order to look wise and trendy. This is what the media says others will think of you if you say YES.

Then realize that when it comes to organ donation this snobby attitude is your Achilles Heel. They see you coming. You are in danger. It is a war against you.

However, if you want your brain injured son or daughter to be "tastefully" recycled into organs as a way to avoid having to look after him or her, then organ donation is your ticket out. If not, then say NO loud and clear as soon as you get to the hospital.

Saying NO (it has to be in a really, really nice way, because medical people are touchy) will make sure your ill relative escapes the harvesting preparations and receives neurological care instead to bring down or avoid high intracranial pressure. Read up about it. It's not complicated at all.

You'll have to watch everything like a hawk... but now you know.

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