Friday, April 06, 2007

Organ-donor rules wait till after Ontario election

Reverse-onus provisions that say that your organs can be harvested whether you like it or not equate us to produce from an agricultural enterprise that provides life sustaining food for us.

Is this morally or ethically acceptable reasoning to equate organ donation to organ harvesting in this manner?

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Anonymous said...

Thin edge of the wedge time... Probably coming from the tension over the issue of wealthy Canadians buying kidneys from the world's poor. Doctors and nurses from these countries who work in Canadian hospitals feel that this is unjust. They figure that local organs should fill the need; that Canada should fund its own rich people wants and desires.

Put in a simplistic way it makes sense but only if it is a GIVEN that the rich always get what they want and can buy.

Why is it a GIVEN? Buying stuff that makes other people suffer is wrong. This side of things makes organ donation absolutely unethical.

This debate has to start in a different place. Forget the killing of non-wealthy Canadians to provide organs for their rich countrymen just because it looks "altruistic..." Let's rather stop the rich from always getting everything they want.

Make organ transplants illegal. It is very possible to live a life where you don't harm your organs. Educate the kids about it. They will become really healthy adults--even the rich ones.

It's always about the rich, and no, we don't feel sorry for them. Hang on to your organs. Take them to the grave rather giving to the "gravy." It's unbelievable how far this has gone! WAKE UP people.

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