Thursday, April 12, 2007

Hospital secrecy to end

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Anonymous said...

Smooth stuff alright! The thing people have to realize is that these doctors-turned-spokesmen who come out and spout are paid to talk like this. It's not some sort of "moral" side talking on the part of an incidental individual. These guys sell a sought-after skill. A politician with extras.

Proof? Look at the article again. Does it actually say anything? It does not. The feeling which the journalist (paid for HIS skill as well) hopes to impart is one of relieved confusion. We read it and go away thinking "Well, it must say something otherwise they wouldn't have printed it."

Things will get worse in hospitals. They will move right along-- on course, of course. The poor will be coerced for organs. The rich will pay for everlasting life.

In the meantime we shall see articles like this addressing problems which aren't problems and which the forked tongue juggles like hot porridge.

How stupid do these "smoothies" have to be to consistently believe that other people are also stupid. These statements amount to maintenance of a cruel status quo. That's all. It's kept going in a state of fog at best.

The public's biggest challenge is to shake off its sense of helplessness. Believe, just a little, in your own sense of power and great things will happen in a collective way. The good thing is that this can be done gently. Like a choir.

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