Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mistaken mastectomy probe

Pathologist suspended while tests reviewed

I wonder if the speed at which recommended safety procedures are being implemented are a good indication of the value that the medical profession's colleges et all places on their patients' well being?

How long have the recommendations for Surgical Checklists been ignored or ridiculed?

Province probes mistaken surgeries
The Ontario government has launched an external review into a number of botched medical procedures

This should give us as much comfort as
"Bill 31, Personal Health Information Protection Act, 2004".

We need patient protection.

Fears grip Windsor
in wake of medical mistakes

Is the current system, in practical terms,
self regulating or self serving?

If there is any reason for doubt,
is that the reason we now have fear?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Common sense WHO guidelines are disregarded worldwide?! millspeninsula ex

Surgical checklist

"A simple safety check during major operations could prevent millions of people around the world from suffering surgical complications and save the lives of thousands of patients, according to a new study published today."

Why has the Medical "Profession" apparently been so determined not to adapt a time proven procedure that has been perfected by real "professionals" in another public service, AIRCREW, in the military and airline passenger and air freight industry. Maybe, it might be that an error in one profession, normally only harms the recipient of the service, while in the other, both the recipient and the service provider are at risk when errors occur?

Look at this previous observation!

The lessons pilots can teach surgeons
Debrief sessions, like those carried out by pilots, could reduce surgery errors
24 January 2009

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