Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Man dead 'for some time' in Winnipeg ER before staff alerted

Is this a clear demonstration on the effectiveness of the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority's (WRHA) review of its approach to patients harmed as a result of breakdowns in the provision of care provided to the population it serves?

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Anonymous said...

Similar things happen at other hospitals. At the Toronto Western Hospital a young man also with speech problems was deliberately disregarded. He had a MS brain lesion. All they did for him was give him sedatives and leave him in a deep sleep. This is the worst thing to do for brain ill patients. The brain swells much faster. This is basic first aid knowledge let alone neurology.

The man deteriorated and then when he was in terrible pain and crying out, the doctor gave him morphine; an absolutely contraindicated move! The morphine made him have a SE seizure for 70 minutes. But they still left him.

After 72 hours of this inaction this patient had bilateral strokes, his brain herniated and he was taken off life support.

Subsequent investigation showed that the patient lay suffering indescribable pain for many hours but they didn't give him anything for it after he was no longer able to demonstrate it. Seizures make you comatose. (Convenient for hospitals, excruciating for patients). When he started to come to, they gave him Haldol, a drug used to paralyse disruptive patients. He was totally trapped in his own body.

This poor guy was premeditatedly worsened in hopes that his family would say YES to organ donation. He was white and educated, the demographic which agrees to organ donation because they think it's hip. This guy did not believe in it, nor should he have died. His brain lesion was easily resolvable with corticosteroids. He'd had this treatment in the past for other relapses.

The horrific thing about this case is that the young man knew he was in trouble early on and asked to leave the Toronto Western Hospital to go somewhere else. They imprisoned him so he couldn't leave. They refused to call his family when he asked them to at admission. The doctor only called them when it was time to give them the sales pitch on organ donating and how "it makes grief easier..."

The family tried to alert the police after his death but the CPSO told the police to ignore the family because they were "deluded."

There was obviously someone important who needed a heart transplant in the next room! People need to be VERY careful when going to a hospital. It's very different there nowadays... If you're organ fodder, you might as well be in a Chinese prison.

The true state of the organ transplant business right now is that they are targeting likely donors when they aren't even terminal--even those who come to the hospital on their own two legs--and intentionally bringing them to the point of severe neurological damage. Neurological patients are the new scapegoats for society's problems. They have been purposely demonized in order to lessen medical costs, get rid of people who speak out, and third, to get organs.

Organ donation and transplantation has been advertized to the hilt because the technology has caused a global problem. The rich are scouring the Third World to get organs and poor people are suffering to provide some over-indulgent fatcat with sparepart kidneys.

Organ failure or fatigue in general can be easily prevented with education and personal restraint on the luxuries of life. But where there's money you'll get cruelty and "I'll simply buy what I don't have."

There are political ramifications to it hence all the awareness campaigns. It is as crooked as crooked can get. SAY NO to organ donation if you don't want to die needlessly or you ARE willing to look after your son or daughter with a few neurological deficits after an accident.

If you do, however, wish to rid yourself of this slightly imperfect relative, the hospital will gladly provide the disposal service by means of cutting out the patient's still-beating heart and thereby killing him.

Find out about this before you get caught for a sucker.

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