Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Do no harm


Anonymous said...

What a cryptic article!

Here's what I gather from it.

If you are a female living in Canada and from another country, and you wish to be genitally mutilated you may now ask for it and get it.

What I also get is that if you are a ordinary patient who understands the medical science associated with your illness you CANNOT however ask for your usual medication in order to save your life. You'll just have to die... rather than rock the status quo.

So human rights means "whatever the government has to tweak so that the economic and social situation in Canada stays nice and calm..."

It's nice to know that I can get myself mutilated if I need to. Now where do I go to get some down-home medical care?

Anonymous said...

Is there some mislinking between "Posts" and "Comments"?

Anonymous said...

It seems this "against the doctor's conscience thing" is a very, very manipulative move to blame murder-by-organ-removal on the family who asks and falls for it. The fact that the brain-death excuse is wearing thin now is making the system come up with bold new angles to keep up donation death rates

The "cultural" part of it comes from the fact that the typical donor imagines he/she or their family members are setting an example to others as how to be "hip".

The religiously-lukewarm are weird. They wear their affiliations like fashion statements. Right now, the ignorance and superficiality which this implies is costing thousands of lives through organ murder. It's like a war against those whose only culture is showing off that they don't care about such things.

No wonder the dizzy donors are being blamed now ... Makes sense. It IS the extreme example of cosmetic surgery. Instead of genital alterations or facelift, it's "life enhancement" from your very own merciful Jesus out there.

What a price to pay for image!

Some cultures go for body art, others for ritualistic dress. Lukewarm (almost always "Christians") go for the refined acts like "I won't cry and beat my breast in grief like those other overly-demonstrative types so I'll sensibly donate in order to cope with this pesky grief."

The old "stiff upper lip." Taste, taste, taste. And boy, they sure are getting fed lots of those tasteful lies that make it all possible!

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