Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Discussions after Harm in the Healthcare Setting

“ If you take my pen and say you are sorry
and don’t give me back my pen,
nothing has happened.”

– attributed to Bishop Desmond Tutu.

OOPS, Sorry!


Anonymous said...

Oh please...! The people who wrote this sure are trained in "mediation" or "dance ..." It's very obvious.

To them I say, "Stop polishing the floor in the warmest room. There are many floors in the house." (Winnipeg is NOT Canada).

The heinous aspect of what they are doing is attributing their one-horse project to the whole of Canada. This is like Donavan Bailey the sprinter trying to get the rest of the world to think everyone in Canada can run the 100 meters in 9.8 secs.

Look, put your scads of government grants where your mouths are. You can start with doing something for me.

My son was killed at the Toronto Western Hospital because he recognized the bad care he was getting and asked to leave there. But because they couldn't have him blabbing on what happened to him at the TWH they sedated him and left him to die an atrocious death.

Where's my apology? Where's my explanation? All I DO get is "go away, you are spoiling everything by carrying on about this... And, hey, before you go, can i borrow your pen?"

This article is so "toybox" it makes me think these people wear diapers.

Stop insulting us... I'd prefer to meet the real devils. They'd be easier to convince because they at least know what they're up to. The authors in question here are in the clouds. Their only inspiraion is that they have a job, with some hazy description. They like this description because they can look like they are doing something when they are all they are doing is holding a pose, or a pen. "OK, FREEZE!!"

Anonymous said...

But I thought Winnipeg was the shining star in healthcare reform and patient safety...!

Ah, all the jibber jabber. Why don't they just come out and say hospitals are human garbage dumps disguised by the smell of Tim Hortons coffee?

For petesake, warn people of the limitations so they can prepare other options while they're healthy. It's only fair and it would solve everything!

Perspective is an integral part of evolution. So is knowing what your tools are however few. Ask Robinson Crusoe.

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