Thursday, April 16, 2009

Self regulation in the "HEALTH PROFESSIONS?"

A nurse who secretly filmed to reveal the neglect of elderly patients at a hospital has been found guilty of misconduct at a disciplinary hearing.

I tried to put things right and get standards improved. I prepared a report, but no one took on board what I was saying.

You don't blow the whistle on colleagues
and they don't on you.

Harold Shipman travesty, an example!?

Dr Reynolds, who was a partner in the Brooke practice opposite to Shipman's Market Street surgery, risked her career by triggering the first police investigation into the Hyde doctor in March 1998.

Is this another example of the value of "self regulation"?

Wouldn't this be nice?
Maybe the tooth fairy really exists!

Doctors 'must root out bad care'

"We need to create a culture where doctors are obliged to challenge each other.
It is not happening everywhere at the moment.
There is a silence among professionals.

Time to make a noise in support of the whistleblowers

Friday 24 April 2009

Here's an interesting book on thr topic.

Medical self-regulation
Crisis and Change

Royal College of Nursing
launches whistleblower hotline
after poll reveals victimisation fears
Sunday 10 May 2009

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Anonymous said...

The doctor who wrote the article, "We all kill a few patients as we learn" admits he felt terrible remorse when this happened to him and he wanted to tell the families of his victim. However he adds in his article that he was told to "brazen it out" and resist the calls of his conscience.

My observations on this situation are the folllowing:

Yes, conscience is a problem in the world today. That is, having one, not NOT having one. If you do a job where you can exercise your conscience so be it, but in jobs like nursing, doctoring etc, you get paid to get rid of it.

It is my opinion, from experience and observation that one of the ways the medical industry achieves the destruction of conscience in the medical profession is to hire doctors and nurses of all races. These people are then all mixed into the hospital environment and left to ferment and foment.

There is a lot of bad history on earth, so lots of ways for the system to use racism as a tool. With some nudging, provoking and reminding through anti-racism posters throughout the hospital, a doctor or nurse who is made to feel justified in harming or killing someone based on racial revenges will accomplish it no problem. This happens across the board when the opportunity presents itself.

Hospitals need to offer services to people where they can be treated by their own race. There are ethnic groups which already do this.

All patients must be protected from visceral reactions. Not just some. No policy is going to change this because it is insidious, planned and off the radar.

Personal judgments based on personal "logic" are very dangerous. Because hospitals are advertized as diverse in a good way, the public does not see the negative potential in race treating, or not treating, race.

What a great use of racism, eh? It's no wonder it never goes away.

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