Monday, November 03, 2008

Emergency-room nightmares

Emergency-room nightmares spur calls for action

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Anonymous said...

Everything in a newspaper is some form of advertizing. Where there is editing there is bias or the premeditated choice to tell people something which will control them. Pure news can only come from word of mouth, or synthesized from hopping around on the internet to look at all sides of an issue.

This Globe and Mail article like the thousands of others like it (well, they keep getting closer to admissions of something) are advertizing the arrival of a new age of medical services.

Governments know they can't just spring changes on people so they nudge them in. The poor man who died in Winnipeg was sacrificed in order for the advertizing machine to show us that things are bad and "is it okay if we make things more safe and efficient, Joe Public?" It's a way to get to the admission stage, and score points enough to move to the infliction of changes stage.

Of course, efficient means a way to get rid of caring, compassion and community. There's no money in that, and these would encourage self-sufficiency, autonomy, personal and cultural power. That's the thing governments don't want above all else. We're all supposed to be smudging into consuming zombies.

So it's important to remember when reading these accounts that they wouldn't have seen the light of day if there weren't some manipulation going on.

Also, it's really weird how the victim is always homeless, mentally ill, old, illiterate or naive in some way. These social "architects" make sure glitches don't happen to regular people otherwise the sense of disaster would be a little too disturbing, and too fast.

Readers of this stuff will always comfort themselves with the rationale that the downtrodden don't really mind and were too stupid to communicate. Because we also only hear of the problems the downtrodden have with tasers etc, we think these people are mentally ill and perhaps "better off dead."

It sure is a finely-oiled machine. In the near future, it will no longer be concealed that a doctor can't be sued as an individual, and patients and their illnesses are being judged according to the interests of the medical industry i.e. research, potential to need drugs for a long time, many follow-up visits, and organ providers.

According to this article people with sunburns or cut fingers are welcome at the emergency. They don't take up much time and doctors get lots of swipes of the old medical card for an hour's work.

'Medical Idol' it is. Why else was the TV genre of real harsh judgment invented?? It's the new way i.e. "Hey you, go where I tell you to go... I don't care if your mother loves you... in fact it makes it more fun for me to hurt you if she does. At least I get to feel like a somebody..."

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