Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hannah's choice

"Hannah Jones has refused the heart transplant that could save her life.
But is a 13-year-old too young to make that decision?
Or is she the only person who can?"

"........., a former nurse who had worked in intensive care, and Hannah's father, Andrew, an auditor, are furious that the doctors appeared to assume that not only were they not acting in their daughter's best interests, but that Hannah was incapable of making a life-or-death decision."

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mustercd said...

Doctors simply don't want to change the assembly line approach to medicine with the nuisance of personal choice and smart kids. They want everybody subservient. This is why they cry child abuse etc. to Hannah's realistic parents. It's twisted self-interest that makes them push these really harsh standards of morality. They are trying to avoid precedents that inspire or de-brainwash others. Not as much money that way!

This young girl obviously has a head on her shoulders and is spiritually mature. She knows what things mean. I'm surprised that she also didn't turn down a heart transplant knowing it would kill another young person to procure one. It would be nice if her awareness went that far. Maybe it does but with the problems they're having with her brilliant sense of autonomy right now, they aren't going to go the whole way and turn her into a social reformer.

I mean this is big... If enough people said they didn't want a car and gave sane reasons like this girl has done in her case, the industry would panic. Lies are exposed that way, buying habits change and the money stops flowing.

Organ transplant is a billion dollar industrty... the image of begging, smiling, grateful, trusting faces are needed for this to really stick the spoon into our soupy brains

So ... no... don't tell me they care about this wonderful young person. It's all about the doctor because he hasnt spent enough time thinking about life like this girl, and would need some sympathy for his wounded pride.

I care about this girl. She is awesome. And her parents raised a smart cookie. I love exceptions. They make my heart sing. Thank you Hannah, you will never go away.

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