Sunday, January 20, 2008

Doctors 'must own up to blunders'

"A new culture of honesty and openness should see such patients receive a personal apology from the doctor concerned and a detailed explanation of what went wrong"

One wonders when signs of this "NEW CULTURE" will become evident!

A new culture‽

A continuing culture


Mike said...

The medical profession has exemplary ethical guidelines for its members.

The various versions of the "Hippocratic
" has led many to believe that a priority of the profession would be to do no harm.

Has the nearly universal privilege of "self regulation" without effective oversight corrupted the ethics of the profession and given many of its members a god like feeling that they are above the laws that govern others? Does the term "Hypocrite Oath" have descriptive merit?

Is this page another example of the privilege of, "informed consent", that we effectively have?

mustercd said...

There is much talk always about openness. It sounds really good but it suggests something very bad...

If there is talk about openness from doctors and Colleges then gee, there must actually be lots of bad stuff going on which would be alleviated by openness..!

Why don't we have retroactive openness? Let's go back 10 years and get every doctor in this new age of "my-needs-are-greater-than- a-patient's" brand of medicine and get them to correct that misconception. Their use of the word "openness" to persuade us that they're OPEN is outrageous.

What a horrible blight on the earth they are.

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