Monday, December 17, 2007

Sick Kids staff shocked over pathologist's work habits

"A secretary who worked alongside Dr. Charles Smith for years says she found a bag of dried human tissue, a dish containing bones and a child's hospital bracelet during one of her frequent searches of the pathologist's ramshackle office."

Justice is equal for all in Canada?
Looking at this previous post would make you wonder.
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Anonymous said...

The medical system is an island unto itself. No one in the system will ever be condemned because the condemnation will affect the whole island. The government has designed it this way so that it CAN provide a healthcare system. No one would want to do this kind of job if it wasn't "pimped up."

The bottom line is that no one wants to live on an island unless there are super duper perks to doing so. Feelings of godlike power, the chance to commit perverted acts, lots of money, tons of sexual tension, and never ever any chance of being arrested.

You sell your soul for a number of years and then come back to the regular world, loaded and full of exciting memories of how you watched others suffer... This is living for some people...!

The secretary in this story went right along for the ride...

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