Saturday, April 10, 2004

A couple of questions that I asked of the Ontario government on September 9, 2002.

I'm still waiting for a reply.

A. If a Ministry of Health funded organization repeatedly reiterates what they know will be interpreted as a threat, then is it not logical to assume that they have knowingly given the threat? Isn't a threat to cause harm or death a criminal offence in most of Canada?

B. In Nova Scotia, June 2001, a doctor pleaded guilty to the criminal offence of causing an indignity to human remains by storing human remains in a storage facility (Click here to see a reference). Is it not grossly inconsistent to consider that hospitals, in Ontario, storing human organs in the garbage for future incineration is a proper legal and morally ethical action?

Believable reassurance that I have incorrectly assessed these events would be most welcomed.

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