Saturday, October 28, 2006

Italy examining hospital deaths

Italy is investigating allegations that as many as 90 people a day die
in the country's hospitals
due to medical malpractice and organisational errors.

This couldn't happen in Canada!
Canadian Health Professionals value their patients
too much for it to happen here?

You're not sure?

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mustercd said...

There is a trend in developed countries to value perfect and productive bodies. Anyone disabled, ugly, sick or poor is increasingly seen at a primal level as spoiling the landscape of progess and economic success.

Doctors are among those seen as "perfect" and "exemplary" NOT for their service to mankind but rather for their financial superiority and superstar status.

It is horrible that doctors are in daily contact with their polar opposites. How can any healing take place?

Any doctor who does do a good job is filtered to the edges and seen as dowdy or doing little more than "women's work."

My opinion on this is wellknown. I will repeat it in this posting.

If the government is allowing the healthcare system to become a Hollywood script then we the people ask nothing more than to be told about it. We will accept it and turn our attentions elsewhere for a healthcare solution.

Above all, we will immediately stop having as many children as we do, knowing that the government is only concerned with renewing the population for exploitive purposes.

If we are told the truth about approved killing of the vulnerable then we will adjust on our own. What is really going on? Are humans being farmed, harvested and recycled?

Good God, this is unacceptable!

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