Tuesday, May 25, 2004

An interesting article in today’s Canadian Medical Association Journal, “Health care as a risk factor”. Gives one pause to reconsider the implications of “(un)informed consent” doesn’t it?

Interpreting material from the Canadian Medical Association Journal (CAMJ) one could expect that there would be 39 deaths, per day, from adverse events (AE) in Ontario’s hospitals. Further interpretation of the study indicates that 15 of theses deaths, per day, are potentially preventable.
Is the apparent past lack of concern by the government and the self regulating professions an indication of the value these units place on the lives of their citizens?

Are these articles in the Medical Post and the British Medical Journal (BMJ) accurate indicators of the lack of respect that the, Ontario, medical community has for its clients? ie. The Medical Post, “ Med students encouraged to act unethically (article has been deleted)” and the BMJ, “Understanding the clinical dilemmas that shape medical students' ethical development”.

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