Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Redefining when life stops

Controversy over redefining when life stops
"Proposal to permit organ donation after cardiac death divides doctors"

Is the Canadian health care system ready for donation after cardiac death? A note of caution

Is this an exampleclick here of the reliability of a death diagnosis
following diagnosed/presumed cardiac arrest?

Draft policy would give Manitoba docs power to stop treatment


upanotch said...

Doctors who speak out about the atrocious practice of organ harvesting must be supported. Dr Christopher Doig must be congratulated for the work he is doing (that is IF really means it and is not being paid to be the "good cop" in all this.) The only reason so little is said about the criminal practice of body-snatching is because the dead can't speak and their families usually don't give a damn! They are mostly lulled by feel-good stories and walkathons.

If we don't fight for our lives they quickly become someone else's territory. This is the nature of life on earth. Whoever told us that we could let down our guard?

Please do NOT donate your organs. You are contributing to a cut-throat industry... literally. People are being imprisoned in hospitals, as we speak, and denied care so that organs can be procured.

Organs are going mostly to people who have damaged their own through consuming indulgent products or those who fall for the advertizements that persuade them to do it. There are lots of rich people in this category, or those who make people rich.

Don't be fooled by goverment or institutional "protection." The anti-smoking campaign is simply a "smoke-screen." By means of this campaign, the government pretends to care about health risks so that organ transplants can go ahead without scrutiny.

I will write to Dr Doig in order to establish his sincerity. It's the fact that he was published that arouses my suspicion. Anyone else in general society who says what he says is labeled crazier than a loon. I'll get back to the blog with my findings.

upanotch said...

Here's my letter to the Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ) It won't get published but even that's informative...!

Sacrificing lives isn't scientific. Ask the NAZIS

It shocks me how the issue of organ harvesting is dealt with as an erudite discussion of "how to" and "best practice."

For medical practitioners to gamble with a stranger's very life simply from the perspective of their working in the field is deeply disturbing to me. This practice would certainly be as disturbing to more people if the aura of "expertise" was removed from those who dress themselves up as scientists and search for reasons to justify their actions as they are committing them. There is much more to this than a snappy uniform.

The issue of organ donation has been dishonestly thought out. All talk of it is wrought with propagandist dreams and promises. The bottom line is that it is a lucrative industry where only time and social acceptance are factors in its evolution.

World War 2 stopped the Nazis from doing enough experimentation to normalize cruel practices. I plead with Dr Doig to maintain his vigilance against the transplantation industry's desensitization campaign to imprison and kill unsuspecting patients and destroy their families in the name of organ brokerage. I can't imagine what lies ahead. Well, I could, but the sheer horror precludes it.

upanotch said...


Manitoba is the first province in Canada to bring out legislation stating that a DOCTOR alone is to decide when to terminate life support.

The patient's family members are no longer allowed to have any input into the decision. If they wish to turn over the doctor's decision, the family has to get a court order.

This new legislation is surprising because Manitoba is apparently also initiating more stringent patient safety practices. One of these is a hand-washing campaign.

I would think that the biggest element of patient safety would be not to kill that patient.

The rationale of taking one person with good organs off life support so that another person (also on life support but who is no need of an organ transplant) can live, is ludicrous...! This only spells "money" for the transplant surgeon.

Manitoba obviously has a very complacent population. There doesn't seem to be very much understanding out there about what the medical industry is up to.

I would like to ask people from Manitoba to monitor their medical practitioners so that their standards are not imported into the rest of Canada. Ontario is already bad enough.

We don't want killing as part of medical care to become legal here, thank you very much. Anyone who does at least now knows where to go in Canada to get it.

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