Saturday, April 01, 2006

The Star links are no longer active on this Blog - Malpractice costs soar, you get the bill:
"Malpractice costs soar, you get the bill"

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upanotch said...

There are a lot of issues to think about here. The first one is why do people put up with this? How is it that people do little to research and monitor their own health situations and completely trust a "doctor" who cares only about him/herself? These people are about as brainwashed as you can get to "put up" with the damn public in exchange for money and an elite status. They come to "work" only to despise and judge the sick and bitching idiots who were too stupid to get into med school themselves...!

Secondly, why isn't there a solid front against this kind of thing? We have people putting out objections here and there but no solid effort.

There will be no public protection if the public relies on the government. The government is behind doctor-antipathy towards public reliance on them to do the "looking after" without patients making a jot of effort to do anything themselves.

When you come to think of it, there is no one to blame except people themselves. Why are we expecting a free lunch from the nedical profession? Most of them are about as uncharitable as humans can get.

We have to organize ourselves, look after our own health, educate ourselves, and for the most part, avoid doctors and hospitals like the plague.

We should lobby for a "model hospital" which would function without risk management and only in the interests of patients. To balance things out, this alternative hospital should only service people who are aware of their health problems and try to help themselves as well.

It isn't fair that everyone is spat on by the mighty all-judging doctor. Some patients deserve good care. They aren't living badly and then expecting some "loving" doctor to patch them up. Of course this kind of patient is irritating.

We need two-tier health care of a specific kind. One for respectable patients to be treated by respectable doctors and the other for despicable patients who abuse health care who can be seen to by those opportunistic operators who get into medicine purely to line their own pockets.

If you are interested in moving on this idea, contact

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