Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Health care is 'high risk'
Health Canada report
reveals need for agency to protect patients"


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

It’s very comforting to be reassured that a solution to the current dilemma of how to provide adequate safety to patients, in the present health care system, is being considered.

I wonder if it's being “seriously” considered?

upanotch said...

Where the existing state of affairs has been brought about by government inaction and its blessing, how on earth are we supposed to mentally process the fact that the authorities are now doing an "about face?" What were their motivations in letting the situation get this bad in the first place? It must certainly have been their GOAL to do what has been going on UNTIL it reached a certain point: A point where people started to notice and something needed to be done about it.

This "patient safety" talk reminds me of what a chronic thief, a smoker, alcoholic, or criminal telemarketer, for example, typically say in order to placate their dangerous activities i.e. " I'll take it to the limit and then I'll stop."

Think of all the thieving, and self-interest that can go on until that point is reached? Gee, many people have become billionaires with that philosophy.

That is all that is going on here. Thousands, possibly millions of people have died at the hands of doctors, nurses and hospitals while this grab for a "chance at the trough" has been going on.

Try ignoring all this clean-up talk on the part of health authorities, and instead ask yourself "WHY are they saying all this now, and WHY didn't they do anything before?" What have they been waiting for? What have they been doing in the meantime?

I don't trust the assurances of a kidnapper who tells me, "I stole one of your children but I promise I won't take any more..."

We need to mount a large effort against this type of placation. It requires a lot of work. And the time is now.

The real problem needs to be recognized first. In my opinion, the real problem is greed. Sick people have been turned into a big glamorous business. We need to get rid of whatever influence is at work infecting all health care providers with the notion that they are "great" and that they deserve huge sums of money for putting up with sick people. It's as if the requirement of putting up with sick people goes against their right to claim the "greatness" they believe they are entitled to because of the subtle advertising we see in TV dramas, for example, about the medical profession.

The medical profession is not Hollywood. It isn't about the doctors and nurses. It's about the humdrum world of illness and suffering. If anyone gets into medicine in order to HAVE FUN, then I say, "Please get the hell out the field. We don't need thieves where we most need help. It makes no sense."

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