Thursday, May 04, 2006

BBC NEWS | Health
"Progress 'too slow' after Shipman"

Even with a clearly defined problem area,
the Shipman Inquiry, there is no apparent progress.

A bit more news to amplify
or clarify the current crisis.
May 10, 2006
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Are the following advertised intiatives,
attempts at corrective action or are they really propaganda?

Current Patient Safety Initiatives in Canada

Patients for Patient Safety

Patients for patient safety

Trends In Patient Safety
The Manitoba Institute for Patient Safety (MIPS)

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upanotch said...

There are many funded "patient safety" organizations out there these days. But none of them is addressing the real dangers in healthcare. The only areas where the real dangers are being identified is in the alternative media and among activists. These groups are having a hard time getting past the public perception that they spring from hostility, anger, grief or misinformation.

The patient safety campaign in fact arises from the growth in protest groups. As we see elsewhere, bad things continue until enough people notice and then the damage control starts on the part of the wrongdoer. In this case, the healthcare system has at its disposal untold millions of dollars with which to spin a counter-campaign to those being put forward by activists in the field.

It cannot be said enough that the problem in the healthcare system arises from the kind of people working in it. To put it simply, there is something wrong with them! Slowly over time in their training they become narrow-minded, short-sighted, infantile, overdramatic with regard to their self-perception, desensitized to others and insulated as a group. They begin to manifest the same blind dedication to their "brotherhood" as the military or the police. They lose (or are forced to lose) their sense of empathy and respect for those they are supposed to help. The public becomes the group they scorn; the group they believe they are merely supposed to judge, blame, punish or kill.

The only logical way any sense can be made of what is going on in these fields is to consider the possiblity that they are controlled and choreographed by external influences. (And I don't mean aliens!)

There are A LOT people in the world today. Many without jobs, education or hope. They cannot all be saved when they get sick unless the birthrate is curtailed to balance things out. All talk among the mainstream patient safety institutes is bogus. Nothing will change no matter what rhetoric they apply. Excessive human populations simply cannot expect that on one hand birth continues unabated and death be prevented by the miracles of science and technology.

The goal of the "world planners" (whoever they are) is to produce sustainable human management. And we can't blame them. The rest of us just go on and on reproducing, consuming, demanding and expecting that our lives be saved when we suffer the consequences of stupid lifestyle choices. These are fundamentally our own to make.

Of course, we aren't totally to blame. We should be warned so to be given a fair chance. We should be told what the world planners/ social engineers see as future dangers so we can adjust. It is unfair to give us the impression that we have rights and privileges we in fact do not have, but which make for continued and temporary economic windfalls for those who lobby themselves into positions of immediate gain.

Will the government-sponsored "patient safety" groups please tell us the truth? We don't need lullaby lies. People can't adjust and plan accordingly while asleep at the wheel. Please tell us how you have trained medical, army and police personnel to cull the population of those who the "planners" deem problematic and inconvenient. The feeling is already here that something is afoot. We need to be treated as intelligent enough to accept the truth.

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