Wednesday, February 01, 2006

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Why health is so prone to corruption


Honesty & Ethics

Perception of conflict - NO NEVER

Medical corruption 'global issue'

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upanotch said...

There is more to corruption than counterfeit drugs and bribes. The biggest corruption in North America is the specific avoidance of a malpractice suit where a malpractice suit is due.

Doctors make mistakes because they don't care, are incompetent or because they can get away with it. Often, they do bad things on purpose because they don't like the patient. Or, worse, doctors and nurses can set about to purposely kill a patient because that patient KNOWS what they did...

This is when a liability MURDER happens and it is happening a lot in the medical profession. Hospitals are encouraging it rather than answer for patient dissatisfaction or a lawsuit.

The biggest danger faced by patients now is an expressed knowledge of their illness or treatment. If a doctor senses you are aware and autonomous, you have a great likelihood of being killed by them. They know they either have to work really hard to help you, or you will know about it. They don't like the fact that they won't be able to fool you with mumbo-jumbo if they produce sloppy care or make a mistake. They know they won't be able to say "we did all we could... it was the illness..."

Rather than the patient looking at risks of treatment, the doctor and hospital are instead seeing the patient's intelligence and awareness of his rights as a risk to THEM.

This is called insurance corruption. I have yet to see a newspaper tackle this issue. Maybe all the articles we DO see are to cover up this much bigger reality.

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