Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Victoria father welcomes healthy Baby Iver


Anonymous said...

Me again HTC--- sorry!

This story has so many things wrong with it from where I sit with my opinions and feelings (not to be confused with judgments. We should have none of that for the predicaments of our fellow human beings).

The mother in this case was murdered -- no question about it. She was not brain dead and could have been saved with well-intentioned care. The father in this case was fooled as a puppet in an industry agenda. The baby weighs only two pounds but barring too much medical prodding and drugging he should be fine. I'm glad he will be the proof of this poster child pudding because that will ensure his good care and survival (i.e. potential learning difficulties later etc). The medical industry can certainly step up to the plate when they have to, to protect their pocket books and image. That's why they have all that knowledge. To use it when they need to. And NOT to use it when they need to... I think they see both as miracles.

Okay, now for the "in-the-same-breath" mention in these articles of money and how much the father collected for his plight...? No comment.

Anonymous said...


I think the burr under my saddle here is why do only some human predicaments (to use my word from before) make it into the newspaper that I, and the collective "we," unwittingly open and see every morning?

What about your wife's story? Holy moly, now that's a headline and a half! Where can I send you a dollar?

This is where my chagrin comes from. Is what we cast our eyes upon in the morning with our coffee, news, information or captive propaganda? Rhetorical question. I know the answer.

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