Sunday, February 02, 2014

Man’s plea for unborn son

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Anonymous said...

The sad thing about this story are the lies and the myths-- perpetrated like some sort of fog machine. The mother's injuries on the brain injury spectrum are not fatal. They do this kind of surgery in caves in Afghanistan during combat and the soldiers survive. It is basic treatment: drain, drain drain. Sure the mother might have some dead brain cells afterwards but that is Neurological Damage in the brain... i.e. SOME cell death in the brain but that doesn't make it Brain DEATH as in amputated leg or leg death.

The poor mother: Ye gods, she is probably locked into an induced coma and as trapped as a bird in a box, fully aware but voiceless. I have watched crime and murder shows and this is right up there with the horror of it. Someone should get help for her but try calling the police... Hah, the caller will be arrested for harassment. Why are we so powerless against the medical tsunami? Shouldn't we have a survival kit?

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