Friday, March 02, 2012

Ontario Health Study

Ontario has expertise in many different types of endeavor.

EHealth Ontario comes to mind.

on and on

Sites of possible complimentary interest

Ontario Institute for Cancer Research


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Anonymous said...

As an "amicus curae" of sorts in the matter of Brian Fudge and Mr Manasseri, I would like to point out that life support in the case of brain injury ranges from therapy to heroic measures. A family can refuse heroic measures in the legal sense of "but for." In that case the person would be naturally dead. Organ donation is not a heroic measure. It is homicide. As the victim is maintained on life support and essentially alive, his life is intentionally ended by the removal of his beating heart. In the case of Jacobs vs Hamot Hospital the doctors used as their defence that the parents killed their son by agreeing to organ donation. The same is true here. I would urge the parties in this case to pursue it in the Supreme Court of Canada. Removal from heroic measures without organ donation is natural death. Removal of organs as death is murder. Mr Manasseri is technically not the "killer" here.

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