Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Patients rate doctors on website Receives its 50,000th Doctor Rating

Doctors cry foul over anonymous rating website

Is it effective to use the CPSO to handle a complaint?
Click here to see an example.

Does this post (click here) also apply to the ethics
that Canadian doctors hold dear?

Call for faith-based health services
In an ideal world doctors would ask about a patient's beliefs
not so that they can be categorised
but because it might be important for the patient in their illness.

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Anonymous said...

The medical industry is the worst case of having your cake and wanting to eat it too. How can a person providing a service think himself above criticism or customer dissatisfaction? A doctor's services are not automatically fantastic because he or she was once accepted into medical school and from thereon in had greatness thrust upon them. The latter is a veiled form of brainwashing anyway. Look to the military.

If they want to be safe from public scrutiny then they should work anonymously. Man, where's the glory in that? Can you imagine these ego-sponges strutting around namelessly? With numbers on their white coats? Like drones in a beehive?

If they are going to show off their names to us, then we shall talk about them.

The need for people to publicize their doctors' performances has come about because the automatic hero status this elite group enjoy is ridiculous. Only some of the people can be fooled some of the time.

I s'pose the "big boys'" goal now is to eradicate the observant ones among us through fear and threat. Once it was a daily part of being human to talk openly with one another "at the water cooler" about anything and everything. Now slowly but surely, we are becoming conditioned to think that any time we do that it could result in some application of the "uttering threats" law or some variation of "libel." So we button up.

This is a terrible thing.

The rationale in this case is that if doctors get a bad reputation no one will go to them and sick people will die at home in ghastly agony. Really? Hospitals are the second leading cause of death after heart attack...!

What about the screwed up atrophied society that is going to result because people aren't allowed to think for themselves, and stammer and stutter every time they want to speak in case they get arrested?

We have here the protection of 24,000 doctors in Canada vs. 30 million citizens. Watching out what we say about these "self-sacrifing" blowtards makes no sense, and we need to fight tooth and nail the subtle but firm pressure to ADORE them.

It's all about how we handle this. We can't contribute to our own demise because the advertizing is so good.

First step? We all need to stop falling for the crap disseminated on medical TV shows. The schmaltz put out there is very powerful. and there's a lot of it.

Second, we need to talk to one another about doctors more than anyone else who provides a service. All their effort for protection tells us they are certainly up to no good. They figure that until we stop them, it's ok...

Can I say the word WAR?

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