Friday, January 19, 2007

Court makes man pay for life-saving surgery

A simple choice.
Die of liver cancer within six months or treatment overseas.

OHIP does not owe man his life

Pressure builds on OHIP over foreign surgery
Advocate calls for new standards
after court upholds `disgraceful' denial of payment

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Anonymous said...

This article is veiled advertizing and promotion for organ transplants.

It has been contrived to give the impression that transplants are a normal part of treatment and that people have a right to them.


The first step to extreme moneymaking is to desensitize the public to what you are about to do. This article shows us one of the ways to deal with an obstacle in your path...

You talk about the thing you want to do as though it isn't the real issue. Focus on something sort of connected to it as though you can't possibly be doing anything wrong with the main thing.

Organ transplants are wrong, wrong wrong. Talking about the problems of getting OHIP to pay for them is a cunning way to get people to think transplants are ordinary everyday medical treatments. They are not. They are ways to sell hope for a huge price and kill young people whose lives would be saved were it not so tempting to criminal doctors to salivate at their "spare parts."

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