Friday, August 20, 2004

Here is an email that I received this evening.
Please read and consider the request carefully.
Competency, honesty, ethics and respect for humanity
is especially necessary in all aspects of the interaction
between the public and all elements of the medical profession.


Hi Mike,

It's been over two and a half months since I replied to your email and I'm sorry for taking so long. Trying to deal with the tremendous response that I've had is both physically challenging and emotionally draining.

Mike, the information you provided is just great and will be invaluable when we move forward to get things changed in our so-called health care system. But, first things first. I'd like to fill you in on where things stand and ask for your much needed support.

As of July 9th., just one month after launching my campaign, I had received over 1600 responses. People fully agree that:
- Madeleine died due to the negligence of the surgeon, the carelessness of the nurses and the untimely treatment by the hospital,
- Those that are neglectful must be held accountable, and
- An organization, made up of the PUBLIC, is desperately needed to ensure that health care neglect is weeded out of the system.

But, to bring about change, I need a huge amount of public support which will be measured by the number of responses I get. And, I need this support soon, very soon. There's no time to waste because even as you read this, there are health care neglect casualties happening all across our country.

Mike, here's something you can do right now to help me. Please, feel free to forward this email to others - family, friends, co-workers - and encourage them to respond as well. They can do this from my web site and for convenience here's the link:

I sincerely say: "Thank You"


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