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Stephen Harper chided Canadians for not listening to scientific evidence

A guest post

I met a mother at HDH on Friday who was getting her 1 year old baby an x-ray to have his lungs checked for possible pneumonia.  He was COVERED in bruises, I have never seen bruising on a child this severe, even at the cancer clinic during the almost three years I sat there with my daughter while she had cancer treatments.  Bruising was a common side effect of chemo, low platelets were almost the norm :(  I didn't ask this mom what happened, but she eventually told me his story.  Her baby had his MMR vaccine 24 hours ago and developed severe thrombocytopenia, by the way the pneumonia (not a minor health concern) is a result of the thrombocytopenia.

According to "The official journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics" For vaccines routinely administered at 12 to 19 months of age, there was a significant association of  ITP with MMR (IRR, 5.48, 95% confidence interval [CI] 1.61, 18.64).

" We found no increased risk for most of the vaccines in the childhood series, an unsurprising finding of an increased risk of ITP after MMR, and, less expected, we also found possible increased risk of ITP for
Hep A, VAR, and T dap in older children."

I am so tired of people touting the wisdom of vaccines as the responsible and hounourable thing a parent and dutiful citizen would do.. not to mention for the greater good!   I am a mother who watched helplessly as my child had seizures after his vaccination at age 4, not being able to rouse him and rushing him to hospital.  If vaccine reactions are so rare and harmless, my child has been harmed by vaccination maybe a fluke? . I know of other children who have been harmed by vaccinations another fluke?? and I keep meeting more mothers with similar stories, just more flukes???  Am I just destined to meet all the children who have experienced the extremely rare and serious cases of vaccine reactions?  I suppose the DIE hard vaccinate or else folks will chalk up my misadventures in vaccine reactions a complete and " indisputable " coincidence.  Oh and the coincidence is that all these rare cases reside in my neck of the woods?

Imagine being that mum waking up in the morning to find her child bruised and bleeding internally?

She told me, "The doctor said it was safe"

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