Sunday, June 02, 2013

Doctors call for global consensus on diagnosis of death

Wishful thinking!

Here's an example of the status quo in Canada.


Anonymous said...

I have come to call this type of thing "your diagnosis IS death." It's amazing how good they are at that! She lives, she lives not... He lives, he lives not..."

Anonymous said...

I just came upon this on the internet. Incredible, but really, nothing surprises me any more...

This woman is not brain dead as they claim! She is in a coma and will recover if she is doing all the things they say she is. Coma is vastly different from brain death. Brain death is what you get when the doctors allow it to progress to that because they want a sob story by which to get organs.

Brain death is an untreated process of deterioration. It is not a ZAP event.

Wow. Now with a freebie brain death diagnosis (misdiagnosis) you can ask for money. Is this how you get payment for the organs?

Please would you make an individual post about this HTC? I think it should be highlighted.

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