Monday, March 24, 2008

Brain death diagnosis

An organ harvest was begun, that was until he moved his arm.

Man Makes “Miraculous” Recovery from Brain Death

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mustercd said...

The young man in this story was slated for organ harvesting just like hundreds are every day. All victims of organ harvesting are alive when they are flayed open for their organs. Organs have to be living to be of any use.

Zack Dunlap was not dead. He could hear the negotiations going on over his bodyparts.

All that happened here was that a very courageous nurse relative broke ranks with his professional brotherhood and broke the silence over what was happening to Zack.

In other words, doctors and nurses are capable of hating the brain-injured to the extent that they can profit from their bodyparts as long as the victim isn't their relative.

Part of the routine in getting organs is for doctors to lie about brain scans. They are able to do this because if sued afterwards, they say it is difficult to always be right about the prognosis, and that they had to make a medical judgment.

Using a brain scan to imply that the patient is "brain dead" is the way to get a premature DNR. After this is obtained, the organ grabbers rush in. This routine is common practice for all head-injured who are not famous or rich. The rationale is that it costs a lot to care for a brain injured person, and the government cannot afford it.

Why did this story make the media?

The media will come to the aid of the medical profession and the public interest when GAFFS like this occur. It is seen as crucial that the public not lose faith in the highly lucrative medical industry.

The media has saturated public awareness with the idea that Zack was saved by a miracle. The picture created is that God healed Zack's brain from afar.

This is not the case. The so-called "miracle" begins and ends with Zack's cousin asking questions about Zack's vital signs and testing his reflexes with something he took out of his pocket.

Every family member should do this check from now on if they do NOT want to euthanize their brain injured relative. Of course, if they DO, then the hospital will gladly do the favour in return for organs.

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