Thursday, August 31, 2006

Radical changes for organ donors

"Laws governing organ donation and tissue retention in England, Wales and Northern Ireland are to be overhauled"
Any chance that Canada will give it's citizens some, effective rights, in this important area? Probably not! Here in Canada, a patient being pronounced dead following cardiac arrest then attempting to leave the ICU after being abandoned is too trivial an event to merit an explanation of the misdiagnosis of death. Voluntary organ donation anybody, following a death due to cardiac arrest?

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upanotch said...

How on earth can a person trust that they won't get themselves killed if they agree to donate their organs. We're talking about doctors here... Mostly greedy, opportunistic, arrogant people who figure themselves to be of a specific social class way above the concerns and feelings of the world they left behind when they were admitted to medical school.

I'm hanging on to my organs, thank you very much. Hang on to your organs, hang on to your life.

I wouldn't go putting up a sign outside my house saying, "you can rob me if my house catches fire..." so why would I sign something that says "you can stake your claim on my organs when I'm half dead."

What an invitation! That's a sure way of getting robbed.

We all need to turn a deaf ear to the cuddly stories of happy transplantees. Check out the site called "The Nasty Truth about Organ Transplantation."

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