Thursday, September 02, 2004

BBC NEWS | England | Manchester | Doctors to face Shipman charges
"Seven doctors face charges of serious professional misconduct
over alleged failures that allowed Harold Shipman's murders to be undetected."

If mentors of this type were common, the normal,
the profession would actually deserve the respect that they currently expect.
The moto “protecting patients, guiding doctors”correctly describes current practice?

Professional misconduct charges might become a rarity.

Will this be the start of just accountability world wide?
BBC NEWS | Health | Neale case 'must lead to reform'
Is our glass half full or half empty?

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Anonymous said...

"The Medical Protection Society said it was important that, while genuine complaints were investigated thoroughly, not too much time was taken up dealing with trivialities." Makes one confident that improvements are on the way, doesn't it?

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